Open Github repo from terminal

I was chatting with Andrew this morning, and he had the great idea that it would be awesome to open our GitHub repo pages from the CLI. We hashed out a rough draft this morning, but I’ve cleaned it up and bit and thought I would share here.

The following code will open the GH Enterprise repo in the Chrome Web browser when you type the command gh in the terminal. To install, copy the code below into the bottom of your ~/.bash_profile file in your home directory.

# function to open GitHub Enterprise repo of the current working directory
function gh {
    REPO_NAME=`git rev-parse --show-toplevel 2>/dev/null`
    if [  $REPO_NAME ]; then
        CLEAN_NAME=`basename $REPO_NAME`
        open -a "Google" "$GH_USER_NAME/$CLEAN_NAME" 
        echo "This folder does not contain a git repo"

This code uses git rev-parse --show-toplevel to search for the git info in the current directory. 2>/dev/null is just a flag to hide any error messages that might pop up (usually because a repo does not exist).

if [ $REPO_NAME ]; then checks if the repo search completed successfully before trying to build and open a link. If this check fails, a simple error message is displayed without opening the web browser.

open -a "Google" "$GH_USER_NAME/$CLEAN_NAME" opens the link built with the repo name and yout GH username in Chrome. -a "Google" can be deleted to open the URL in your default web browser, or "Google" can be changed to the name of whichever browser you prefer for this task (e.g. Firefox, Chromium, or Opera).

Written on March 22, 2017